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A number of members of KYANA are talented artisans who create works of jewelry. They are practicing lapidary or silversmiths. The following images show some of the work of KYANA members.

Bruce Chang has created this barrette of copper with a nickel and chromium wire. barrette copper with nickel chromium wire
Bruce Chang has created an ensemble of jewelry with this necklace, turquois silver ring, copper wire earrings, copper barrette and copper-brass hair pin. lapis jasper turquois necklace
Sterling Silver Earrings made from 24 gauge silver sheet. Brushed and polished triangles have soldered posts. This is the finished product from Shevvy Baker's earring drawing for "Design Challenge Triangle" in the November 2008 issue of Lapidary Journal-Jewelry Artist magazine Sterling Silver Earrings
Shevvy Baker created this silver-copper-pearl necklace. Silver-Pearl Necklace with Copper Leaf
Ellen Christian created this emerald-diamond ring. Emerald-Diamond Ring
Long time member and instructor Allen Jewell made this Biggs jasper bolo set in sterling silver. Learn more about Allen at this web page. Biggs Jasper Bolo
Allen Jewell created this necklace. Thanks to owner Sherry Lindle for allowing it to be photographed. Red Fire Opal Necklace
Fossil Pin created by Betty Hansel - Polished half of a fossil Ammonite from Madagascar, Upper Jurassic. Peyote stitch, with seed beads. fossil ammonite pin
Betty Hansel created this necklace with Mississippian age crinoid calyx on matrix from Crawfordville, Indiana. Peyote stitch with seed beads. Crinoid Calyx Necklace
Charlie Oldham's wire wrapped polished half of a fossil Ammonite from Madagascar, Upper Jurassic. Wire is 14K gold filled, bail not complete. fossil ammonite
Charlie Oldham has created this wire wrapped Montana Picture Agate, 14K gold filled wire. Montana Picture Agate
Pendant of Quartz variety Citrine in a Brilliant Cut by Rick and Linda. pendant of quartz
Pendant of Quartz variety Rock Crystal in a Brilliant Cut by Rick and Linda. Pendant of Quartz
Necklace and ear ring set. Carved pink coral beads strung with white and black freshwater pearls with 14K gold filled findings and beads. Created by Charlie Oldham. necklace and ear ring set
Necklace with banded Rhodochrosite from Argentina, strung with seed beads and freshwater pearls. Created by Betty Hansel. necklace with banded Rhodochrosite
Necklace of "old" [circa 1950] Crazy Lace Agate from Mexico, with seed beads, strung with Fossil Limestone from Italy and freshwater pearls. Created by Betty Hansel. necklace of crazy lace agate
Amethyst necklace and ear ring set. Created by Sandy. amethyst necklace and ear ring set
Bruce Chang has fashioned this set of copper wire earrings with enamel. copper wire earrings with enamel
Bruce Chang created this copper and brass wire hair pin. copper and brass wire hair pin
Another piece of jewelry created by Bruce Chang that is a turquois silver ring. turquois silver ring







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